Thermal Dimensioning

Thanks to our thermal sizing device, new in options and graphics, you can calculate the power needed to air-condition your rooms in complete autonomy. Before proceeding, however, it is necessary that you have all the data required by our tool.
Start the procedure by entering the geographical area choosing between "Northern Europe and Scandinavia", "Balkan Area and United Kingdom" and "Mediterranean Countries" (click here if you don't know which option to select). The second step concerns the characteristics of the environment such as the exposure of the rooms (click here if you don't know the expositions of your rooms) and the energy class of your apartment (click here if you want calculate the energy class). Next you will need to select the time slot for using the air conditioner, choosing between "daytime only", "night only" or "daytime and nighttime" (click here to learn about the importance of time slots). Finally you will have to manually enter the dimensions of the room in meters (m).
In case you want to air-condition more rooms, click on "+ ADD A ROOM" and simply repeat the procedure for each new environment.


GEOGRAPHICAL AREA (average annual temperatures in brackets)

 HOME CHARACTERISTICS (exposure and energy class)

Energy Class

TIME SLOT (when you want the environment to be air-conditioned)

ROOM DIMENSIONS (enter the measurements expressed in meters)

Side 1
Side 2


NOMINAL YELD (this is the suggested value for choosing the motor) kW


ATTENTION: the nominal yeld of the motor has a small margin of tolerance since only certain powers are available on the market.