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With the Budget Law 2018, tax reductions for energy requalification and building renovation (mobile bonuses) of 65% and 50% have also been extended for this year.

What deductions is it?
The tax concessions we are talking about are related to tax deductions of 65% or 50% of the expenses incurred for energy requalification (reduction of energy requirements for heating and replacement of winter air conditioning systems) or for building renovation (all goods with a class A + or higher energy label).

What can be deducted?
Thanks to tax breaks, you can take advantage of the 65% deduction tax on the expenses for energy redevelopment and 50% deduction of IRPEF on the restructuring costs and on the purchase of class A + furniture and appliances for the house you are redeveloping.

How much can you deduct?
The tax benefits are worth up to € 10,000 of interventions (mobile bonuses) and the deduction must be divided into 10 annual installments of the same amount.

How can I use tax deductions on ShopClima.it?
All requests must be sent by e-mail to the following e-mail address: info@shopclima.it


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proceed to purchase by choosing bank transfer as payment method and wait for the order confirmation email ask in the order notes to issue an advance invoice for tax deductions once the invoice number has been received, make the payment by inserting this reference in the reason for the transfer


From November 21st 2018 the new portal ristrutturazioni2018.enea.it  is online for sending ENEA communication of the building and technological interventions allowed for 50% tax deductions, as was already done for 65% ecobonuses.

The file must be sent within 90 days of completion of the work.

For the 2018 interventions concluded before 21 November, the data must be transmitted within the 90-day period starting on 21 November 2018.