How do you tell if a room faces north or south?
In general it is said that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, but this is only partially correct. In fact, the inclination of the Earth's axis, together with the position of the Earth along its orbit, causes the position of the horizon where the Sun rises and sets to change throughout the year from season to season. To obtain the exposure, you can consult the map of the apartment released by the cadastre or you can consult the following:

- in spring and summer the Sun rises in the NORTH-EAST and sets in the NORTH-WEST;
- during the autumn equinox the Sun rises in the EAST and sets in the WEST;
- in autumn and winter the Sun rises in the SOUTH-EAST and sets in the SOUTH-WEST;
- During the vernal equinox the Sun rises in the EAST and sets in the WEST.

Alternatively you can use the following procedure:

- access Google Maps from any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari);
- enter the address of your apartment;
- activate the "Street View" and position the view simulating that of your room;
- considering that the red needle of the compass indicates North, you can obtain the exposure of the room (taking into account that West is to the left of North while East is to its right).

Finally, in the following image you can see how, as the position varies, the trajectory of the Sun has a greater or lesser length with maximum and minimum respectively in the summer solstice and in the winter solstice.