signature with reserve

When we do an expedition, the package may arrive damaged at destination.

The reasons for this may vary: the content of the package is particularly fragile, packaging may be insufficient (despite the care being taken), something in the packaging might crack during transport, a carrier in charge of the transport could be not so careful in handling the package, and so on.

What can I do to protect myself from this eventuality?

First of all, in order to minimize the possibility of receiving a damage is a good rule to prepare a shipment as perfect as possible: on we never save on packaging to ensure maximum possible protection, possibly using several additional layers for protection in case of particularly delicate objects, or covering the package with waterproof surfaces (in case of rain).

What can I do if the package is damaged anyway?

When delivering the parcel, the courier will ask you to sign a document certifying delivery to the address and person indicated in the order. At that time, if you notice something suspicious (for example, if the parcel seems damaged in any spot) please tell the courier that you want to opt for the "Reserved Acceptance" or "Incomplete Package Control Reserve" option: this is a formula that indicates that you received the package, but that something might have gone wrong during shipping and/or delivery. We remind you that it is always a good idea to check the contents of the package in the presence of the courier: it could happen, in fact, that despite the apparent integrity of the package, the contents may be damaged.

If you are unable to carry out this check, we advise you to always accept the package by writing "I accept subject to control". The reserve allows you to check the contents in complete peace of mind and after delivery, since the courier - by law - can not allow you to open the parcel if you have not signed it..

CAUTION: If you choose to accept the package without "reserve", you will sign a document certifying that the parcel has come to your destination in perfect condition, and at that point it will be extremely difficult for you to apply for a refund.

How do I accept a package with "Reserve" option?

To accept a package with the "reserve" formula you must use specific fields in the document that the courier will ask you to sign at the time of delivery. Each courier has its own specific procedures, so if in doubt, please ask the delivery agent to show you how to do it and what to do. Always check the general appearance of the parcel and the outer packaging conditions, making sure they are perfectly intact and complete: if the document (a.k.a accompanying bubble) indicates the presence of more than one package, check that all of them are present at the time of delivery. If you would like to accept it with "reserve" formula (for example, in the event of noticeable damage), you should clearly state in the document the reason: spoiled packaging, missing packages/parts, broken tape, etc.

In case the courier uses electronic instruments to register the delivery (such as tablets/handhelds), it will be enough to place an endorsement (e.g. "broken" or "damaged") in the same space used for the digital signature, please see the example below.



What can I do if the courier does not allow me to sign with "Reserve"?

Some delivery agents may not be particularly collaborative in making you sign with "reserve" formula, but remember that it's a your inviolable right. If the courier is reticent and does not indicate clearly where to sign in to activate the reserve formula, please make it present and in the most extreme cases refuse to sign. In this latter case, the package will be returned to the courier's branch office and you must contact their customer service to explain what happened, requiring an explanation and a fast resolution.

What if I have secured the package and accept without "Reserve"?

If you have chosen to insure the package and the shipment, but at the time of delivery you sign without reserve, you are totally losing the right to a refund. In fact, you can not reimburse the due amount because you have signed an official document certifying that the parcel has arrived in perfect condition, and so the damage will result as not incurred during transport.