The UV germicidal light air purification device for duct systems is effective in disinfection and purification. Below is the main information.

The sterilization factor is photocatalysis, while the intensity has a power of 13W (40 μW/cm ) at a distance of 1 meter. The germicidal UV lamp combines the unique air purification technology by advanced oxidation (TiO2) and photocatalysis. It uses a unique long-length photon wave and a special metal catalyst layer to generate purifying air, which can quickly and effectively remove: formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, bacteria, viruses and bad smells. The tests also confirm the elimination of natural bacteria in the air and Staphylococcus Aureus 8032.

This device can be used in: hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, blood stations, sterile rooms, companies in the food sector, biopharmaceutical research laboratories, analysis laboratories, airports, hotels, libraries, science and technology museums, archive rooms , waiting rooms, gyms, shopping malls, offices and many other places.

The product has the following functions and features:

- high sterilization effect: rate of natural bacteria eliminated in the air > 90%
- high purifying effect: removal rate of formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC > 90%
- pathogens eliminated: bacteria, moulds, viruses and Escherichia coli
- can be connected with central air conditioner to switch on and off (On/Off)
- «plug-in» type article easy to install, disassemble, clean and repair.

The article consists of: UV lamp, photocatalytic mesh filter and tank. To correctly install the PHT air purification device, the following instructions must be observed:

1. Open a hole with a diameter of 70mm on the duct;
2. extract the device and apply as in the following figure;
3. first, mark the position of the four fixing holes on the air duct, then drill the holes and fix the hexagonal sleeve;
4. connect the power cable of the device with the power supply and the earth cable;
5. turn on the device and make sure it works correctly;
6. Press the ON/OFF button again to turn off the device and the installation is completed.

First you need to connect the power cord of the device to a 220V 50Hz power supply. If the work indicator lights up, the device is working properly, if it stays off, the device is faulty or not powered properly. For proper use, this device must be located in a clean, dry, non-flammable, chemical-free environment. For correct maintenance of the device, the power supply must be disconnected. If the photocatalytic filter and the UV lamp are not cleaned regularly, the disinfection effect may suffer a drop in performance. Once the maintenance has been carried out, observe that the work light of the device is on.