Mitsubishi Electric PAR-31MAA-J DELUXE Wired Remote Control

Wired control Mitsubishi Electric PAR-31MAA-J DELUXE, easy and intuitive thanks to the use of graphical icons, direct keys and function keys. VAT included.

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Control Wire Mitsubishi Electric PAR-31MAA-J DELUXE.

Technical Specifications::

  • Display back-lit white with contrast control
  • Easy installation on wall
  • Function Night Set-backfor the setting of minimum winter temperature maintenance or maximum summer
  • Function di Static Prevalence selection Useful for ducted indoor units (onlyPEFY-P VMHS)
  • Function weekly Timer inside and simplified Timers (Auto-off, etcナ)
  • Management of 1 Group up to 16 indoor units
  • Easy and intuitive thanks to the use of graphic icons, direct keys and function keys
  • Simplified connections via a two-wire non-polarized wires
  • Technology type MA auto addressing
  • Suitable for all types of indoor units, including GUF
  • Suggested for use in groups with one indoor unit
  • Integrated temperature sensor as an alternative to the indoor unit
  • Restriction setpoint temperature setting range from local keyboard
  • Displaying and setting the setpoint temperature with step of 0.5ᄚC

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