MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MAC-557IF-E Wi-Fi Interface for Indoor Units M/S/P Series

The Wi-Fi interface Mitsubishi Electric MAC557IFE allows you to manage your air conditioner directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Packaging: 1 piece (original). VAT included.

NB: This product has been replaced by MAC-567IF-E.



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MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MAC-E-557IF Wi-Fi interface for internal drives series M/S/P.

The interface Wi-Fi MAC 557IF It allows you to manage the climate control via Wi-Fi directly from your smartphone, tablet or from your PC. For the proper functioning requires an internet connection.

In order to use the WiFi interface, just download the app on the official website of Mitsubishi Electric MELCloud. Leveraging the Cloud technology to transmit and receive information dall'l'interfaccia Wi-Fi MAC-E-557IF you can control the air conditioner from anywhere via PC, tablet or smartphone, in a really simple and intuitive, even if you are away from home or just relaxed on the couch.

Once the application is installed on your phone, tablet or PC, you'll have full remote control of the unit, how to have the IR remote control Included in hand. You can also define a super user and users with the possibility partial. The application is also able to provide additional information such as local weather and details on technical support for the customer.

To activate the service just to register the system, only possible once the interface is properly connected to the indoor unit. Then, to enable the remote control (Wi-Fi), simply register as a user on the site, and record the same way as the interface used.

You can check this by using a specific app and install on your smartphone, tablet or PC. The operating systems supported by technology MelCloud Mitsubishi Electric are the following: Microsoft Windows 8, Apple iOS / OS X, Android, BlackBerry 10.
Access to MelCloud is really simple and can be done in two ways:

1. Using a deicated app for smartphones and tablets (also available on the Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Store)

2. Through the main browsers (for smartphone, tablet or PC)

The router must necessarily have a WPS button. The communication protocols are allowed WPA2-AES or WPA2 Mixed Mode.

Important: a single interface is required for each indoor unit you want to manage through MelCloud.

The Wi-Fi system from Mitsubishi Electric is compatible with the following models of indoor units.

M Series

  • MSZ-SF15/20/25/35/42/50VE, MSZ-GF60/71VE
  • MSZ-EF18/22/25/35/42/50VE(2)S/W/B
  • MSZ-FH25/35/50VE, MSZ-FD25/35/50VA, MSZ-FA25/35VA
  • MSZ-GE22/25/35/50/60/71VA, MSZ-GC22/25/35VA, MSZ-CGE25/35/50VA
  • MSZ-GB50VA, MSZ-GA22/25/35/50/60/71VA, MSZ-CB25/35/50VA
  • MFZ-KA25/35/50VA, MLZ-KA25/35/50VA, MFZ-KJ25/35/50VE

S Series

  • SEZ-KD25/35/50/60/71VA(L)Q
  • SEZ-KA35/50/60/71VA
  • SLZ-KA25/35/50VA(L)Q

P Series

  • PCA-RP50/60/71/100/125/140KAQ
  • PEAD-RP35/50/60/71/100/125/140JA(L)Q
  • PEAD-RP35/50/60/71/100/125/140EA/EA2
  • PEA-RP200/250GAQ, PKA-RP35/50HAL, PKA-RP60/71/100KAL
  • PLA-ZRP35/50/60/71/100/125/140BA/BA2
  • PLA-RP35/50/60/71/100/125/140BA/BA2/BA3
  • PLA-RP35/50/60/71/100/125/140AA/AA2
  • PSA-RP71/100/125/140KA, PSA-RP71/100/125/140GA

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Packaging: 1 piece (genuine).

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