The right of withdrawal is guaranteed and regulated in accordance with the law by articles 64 et seq. of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 2005/206) and applies to customer-consumers, i.e. natural persons who purchase goods without indications of a VAT number, who have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, always within the time limits established By law.

However, some items cannot be returned in the case of ad hoc handicrafts or products whose procurement is strictly linked to orders. For this reason ShopClima invites its customers to make sure before placing the order that the articles, belonging to the following categories, correspond perfectly to their needs.

Therefore, returns of material for the following types of items will not be accepted under any circumstances:

- Refurbished and/or used products of various brands;
- AirZone Smart Vents (RINT);
- Grilles + Motorized Shutters (RDHV, RSDR, RSDV, RLC, RL0, RLQ);
- Square and Circular Motorized Diffusers (DFCU, DFCI);
- Motorized shutters (CPRR, CPCC, CPRC);
- Circular and Rectangular Overpressure Dampers (BYCI, BYRE, BYCO);
- Splitters for Flexible Hoses (MY);
- Plenum dinghies (MCC);
- Delivery vents (RTHV, RDHV, RLC);
- Recovery Grids (RSDV, RSDR, RTE, RRLG, RRFR);
- Linear vents (RL00, RLQ);
- Ceiling Diffusers (DQCI, DFCU, DFCI, DCPL, DCPI);
- Rotational diffusers (DRPL);
- Nozzles and Suction Valves (BOEX, TOBE2);
- Calibration Dampers (CREJ);
- Air Delivery Plenum in Expanded Polyurethane and Aluminum Profiles;
- Grid-holder boxes for Ducted Systems;
- Manifolds in Expanded Polyurethane for Air Distribution;
- Panasonic fan coils (it is also not possible to cancel the order for these items).

Obviously, the right of return is guaranteed in the event that the package arrives damaged.