Tecnosystemi SpA produces a vast range of specialized and diversified products, the result of a great teamwork made up of collaboration, research, tests, experiments; for this reason, in 2012, the decision to create eight registered trademarks to identify and distribute its products in Italy, Europe and worldwide: Smart Clima, Apply Air, Apply Co, Galaxy, Project Wind, Toolsplit, Showgas and FV Power.

Thanks to the passion, willingness and trust in research that characterize Tecnosystemi S.p.A, the technology, design and originality of the products and accessories are combined with the aim of providing easy and intelligent solutions, offering more quality and less time 'installation.

To maintain its competitive advantage and to face changes, the company puts innovation at the center of its corporate strategy: technological evolution makes it possible to manage complexity effectively and efficiently, with a view to growth and continuous improvement. A company policy of investments in cutting-edge technological means which has allowed Tecnosystemi SpA to count on automation processes which, in addition to ensuring extraordinary performance, maintain a high level of product quality to respond to any market challenge.

The managerial management system of Tecnosystemi SpA complies with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard and is certified by SGS Italia S.p.A.

The design and production of accessories for air conditioning, heat recovery units, air curtains, fastening systems for photovoltaic and solar panels, meet the requirements of the law, guaranteeing high production and quality standards; the traceability of the production process, accredited by the CE certifications and by the static test certificates, where foreseen, give further added value to our production.