R410A gas is a refrigerant composed of 50% R32 gas and 50% R125 gas, both fluorinated hydrocarbons. This gas is widely used in air conditioners: in fact it has replaced freon following the total ban in the countries of the European Union since 2015 of HCFCs (alkyl halides) through the application of the European Regulation EC 2037/00, significantly ahead of the date set by the Montreal Protocol, i.e. 2030.

Containing no chlorine atoms, this blend does not damage the ozone layer. It has a global warming potential, i.e. the GWP (Global Warming Potential), of 2088 units, greater than R22 gas (1700 units) which has been replaced by R410A gas. The current EU regulation on fluorinated gases provides that, starting from 2025, the gas R410A, as a refrigerant with a GWP index higher than 750, can no longer be used in mono-split air conditioners with a refrigerant charge of less than 3 kg. The gas R410A, in this case, will be replaced by R32 refrigerant.