Nanoe™-x technology uses atomized aqueous microparticles, with electrostatic charge and enriched with OH radicals, to remove 99.9% of different strains of bacteria and viruses, pollen and mffe, as well as reduce bad odors present in the air. Among other benefits there is even hydration of the skin. these micro-particles, in fact, help the skin to preserve and maintain its natural level of hydration. These benefits are demonstrated by studies carried out at universities and research institutes.

In summary, the effectiveness of microparticles in neutralizing bacteria depends on the number of OH radicals: 480 billion are generated per second! In summary, nanoe™-x technology guarantees:

- Deodorization. Nanoe™-x neutralizes unpleasant odors that cause discomfort so you can enjoy a more pleasant home environment for greater well-being;
- Inhibition of pathogens. Nanoe™-x inhibits the growth of various allergens, bacteria, viruses and molds maintaining a cleaner home for everyone's health;
- Skin hydration. Nanoe™-x helps skin retain and maintain its natural level of hydration.

Thanks to this technology, bad smells that permeate curtains and sofas are eliminated and the reduction in the intensity of bad smells (especially those caused by cigarette smoke) is equal to 90%. But how does nanoe™-x technology keep the air fresh and clean?

- The micro-particles generated by nanoe™-x reach the bacteria;
- OH radicals steal hydrogen from bacteria;
- OH radicals transform hydrogen into water by inhibiting bacterial activity.