A monoblock air conditioner is a device that contains, in a single system, the functions of both the external motor and the internal unit. Too often air-conditioning means installing externally condensing units that ruin the aesthetics of buildings: with the monoblock units this problem does not exist as only small external grids are visible.

Each monobloc unit is equipped with: protective plastic film, internal counterflanges and external folding grids. These machines, in fact, can be installed only along the perimeter of the house as they require an air exchange directly with the outside.

This need, however, makes the installation really very simple:

  1. you must first drill 2 holes on the perimeter wall (usually under the window);
  2. the protective plastic film and the internal flanges are applied to the holes;
  3. the folding grilles are installed outside;
  4. the monoblock air conditioner is mounted on the wall.

The new generations of monoblock air conditioners are almost invisible because, thanks to the new technologies, they manage not to reach the 20 cm of thickness, without considering that they have much lower noise indexes than the previous models.

Monoblock Air Condiotioners