"Changes for the Better", the motto of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, sums up everything the company is and aspires to: a more promising future for society, industry and everyday life, through innovation. For 90 years it has been helping to create a better tomorrow thanks to their cutting-edge technologies.

Mitsubishi Electric established its own structure in Italy in 1985, first as a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Germany and subsequently, from 1996, as a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. It is currently structured into five commercial Divisions: Air Conditioning, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Semiconductors, Transportation. In 2015 it celebrated 30 years of activity in Italy.

The Italian branch of Mitsubishi Electric has its headquarters in Agrate Brianza. Adjacent to the headquarters is the Training Centre, a center dedicated entirely to technical training for the products of the Air Conditioning Division, a true pole of technological excellence. Commercial offices are also present in Padua, Rome and Turin.

In line with the motto "Eco Changes", which represents its commitment to collaborate with customers to improve the global environment, it offers a wide range of environmentally friendly products and services dedicated to the home, offices and industries. In July 2009, the Italian branch of Mitsubishi Electric received ISO 14001 certification, issued by the organization "Det Norske Veritas", thus demonstrating its concrete commitment to reducing the environmental impact of processes, products and services and confirming the reliability of the applied environmental management system.

Among their priority responsibilities, in addition to that of providing excellent and eco-sustainable products, is that of being responsible members of the communities in which their settlements are located. It acts in application of the seven principles that guide their activities: trust, quality, technology, community, ethics, environment and growth. The Italian branch has been involved for several years in the development of an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility programme, which includes numerous projects and initiatives both locally and nationally, in various fields: protection of artistic heritage, support for museum institutions, collaboration with the university and training world and contribution to the creation of sports programs for the integration of people with disabilities.