MEL Cloud is the new Wi-Fi control for Mitusbishi Electric air conditioning systems. Taking advantage of the support of the cloud, i.e. the Cloud, to transmit and receive information and the dedicated Wi-Fi interface (MAC-567IF-E), the system can be easily controlled from anywhere via a PC, tablet or smartphone: all you need is an internet connection!

This service was created to have maximum compatibility with PCs, tablets and smartphones thanks to dedicated apps or via a web browser.

To activate the MEL Cloud service it is necessary to register the system. Once the interface has been connected to the internal unit and the "pairing" with the router has been done, it is possible to proceed with the registration of the system itself. To activate Wi-Fi control, just go to the website, register as a user and register the interface used. From now on, it will be possible to exploit all the potential of the service and manage your own ECODAN air conditioner or heat pump from anywhere via an internet connection.