A Mr. SLIM Free Compo system represents a decidedly comfortable air conditioning solution suitable for large spaces: in fact, it is possible to use up to 2 (double), 3 (triple) or 4 (double twin) indoor units at the same time. The optimal distribution of the air flow can also be achieved over a large area, thus ensuring that the ideal temperature is reached in every point of the room.

This function is particularly suitable for environments subject to uneven temperature distribution, such as multi-storey buildings that require the scattered installation of several indoor units and large pavilions. Various combinations of indoor units are available and it is possible to combine them for the same power and same type, or for the same power and different type.

Since it is possible to combine luminaires of different types, such as the cassette type and the suspended ceiling type, a multi-system solution can be created with particular attention to the aesthetic aspect. Among the peculiarities of this type of system is the ease of installation thanks to the automatic setting of the addresses, the automatic setting of the refrigerant addresses for each indoor unit and the reduced dimensions of the outdoor unit. This helps to reduce the time required for wiring operations, while significantly increasing the reliability of the installation.