When you are relaxing watching television, a conventional air conditioner operates at a constant speed, according to the set temperature. Panasonic's ECONAVI System with intelligent eco sensors is able to detect any energy waste thanks to the Human Activity Sensor and Sunlight Sensor technology. The Econavi system's intelligent sensors detect sunlight intensity, human movements, activity levels or the absence of people and automatically adjust power to save energy efficiently, without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

New cyclic temperature regulation
The new cyclical temperature regulation system saves energy without any compromise in terms of comfort.

Presence detection
The air flow is directed to the area where the presence of people has been detected. The system detects changes in occupant movements and reduces the waste associated with cooling an unoccupied part of the room.

Motion detection
The power of the air flow in cooling is adapted according to the movements and activity levels detected in the room, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of electricity.

Absence detection
When the system detects that nobody is in the room, the power of the cooling airflow is reduced.

Sunlight Detection
The power of the airflow in cooling/heating is automatically adapted according to the solar radiation in the room.