Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. is the Mitsubishi Electric company specialized in hydronic systems for air conditioning and IT Cooling. Thanks to the vast experience of its brands, Climaveneta and RC, it designs, produces and distributes worldwide highly efficient, cost-effective, eco-sustainable solutions that can generate added value, in particular by using renewable resources. Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. produces in three continents and operates all over the world with branches, distributors and service companies, with particular focus on Europe, China and India. The company, previously named DeLclima, is based in Italy, and was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange from 2012 until the February 2016 delisting, following the acquisition by Mitsubishi Electric at the end of 2015.

The Corporate Mission of the Mitsubishi Electric Group is to continuously improve its technologies and services, through the application of creativity in all aspects of the activity, with the aim of improving the quality of life in our society.

Promoting maximum energy efficiency and the use of energy from renewable sources in centralized air conditioning and refrigeration systems is the group's vision, while the mission is based on the seven guiding principles, that is to continue to produce and distribute highly solutions all over the world efficient, cost-effective, eco-sustainable and capable of generating added value.

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems bases its success on the ability to generate value by responding to the real needs of each actor involved in the complex value chain that characterizes each project both in comfort and, to a lesser extent, in process applications and data center.