With the AirZone and Tecno-Ventil systems you can turn the air conditioning on or off and control your air conditioning system quickly and easily directly from the thermostats or from a mobile device. Thanks to these systems it is possible to totally control your air conditioning and heating systems at any time and independently for each room.

Consumption for air conditioning represents 40% of total energy costs in the residential sector and up to 60% in the case of the tertiary sector. The integration of a zone air conditioning system with an Inverter compressor, via special communication interfaces, allows for a reduction in consumption of up to 53%. Furthermore, the control via mobile devices or any device connected to the internet offers the possibility of totally controlling all the systems at any time.

The Airzone and Tecno-Ventil systems essentially consist of 3 main elements: the thermostats installed in each room which allow for independent temperature control; the control elements and individual units such as splits or fan coils; a central electronic board which analyzes the data coming from the individual elements and which establishes and regulates the control elements and the air conditioners. If instead, for example, we want to see in more detail the indispensable elements to obtain a 4-zone air conditioning system, the following are necessary:

1 - Outdoor condensing unit;
2 - Wall control of the internal evaporating unit;
3 - Ductable indoor unit;
4 - Plenum with 4 outlets;
5 - Flexible duct for zone nr. 1;
6 - Zone thermostat nr. 1;
7 - Grid area nr. 1 with calm box;
8 - Flexible duct for zone nr. 2;
9 - Zone thermostat nr. 2;
10 - Grid area nr. 2 with calm box;
11 - Flexible duct for zone nr. 3;
12 - Zone thermostat nr. 3;
13 - Grid area nr. 3 with calm box;
14 - Flexible duct for zone nr. 4;
15 - Zone thermostat nr. 4;
16 - Grid zone nr. 4 with calm box.