Daikin EWYQ025BAWN 25 kW Heat Pump Minichiller With Scroll Hermetic Inverter Compressor and On/Off Compressor

Minichiller Daikin EWYQ025BAWN 25 kw heat pump, with compressor Scroll hermetic inverter,ensures high levels of comfort and reliability, reduced fuel consumption and maximum noiseless, especially in partial load conditions. VAT included.

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Minichiller Daikin EWYQ025BAWN heat pump, with hermetic scroll compressor inverter and compressor on/off, can be used in a number of environmental conditions including applications that require low temperatures of water.

Thanks to the use of inverter,thel chiller Daikin EWYQ025BAWN raggiunge elevati livelli di comfort and affidabilità,ensuring low fuel consumption and maximum low noise, especially in partial load conditions where the machine is called to operate for most of the time.

Daikinhas extended the range Inverter Scroll to the nominal power of 63 kW (75 kW maximum), with the possibility to implement systems which are electrically interfaced multiple chillers (with a total capacity of more than 500 kW).

The refrigerator Daikin EWYQ025BAWN has the following standard options supplied:

  • general switch
  • water flow switch
  • Filter
  • Operation Warm up -15°C
  • Operation Silent Night
  • Production of hot water temp. external to 35°C
  • Microprocessor for remote installation with program timer
  • Series connection of max 16 unit in a single system

On request, you have the following options:

  • Option glycol (up to 10°C water side/up to -15°C air side)
  • Option glycol
  • High head pump
  • heater evaporator

technical sheet Daikin EWYQ025BAWN:

  • Nominal capacity refrigeration (kW): 25,8
  • capacityMaximum refrigeration(kW): 30,6
  • capacityNominal thermal (kW): 24,6
  • capacity Maximum thermal (kW): 29,4
  • Modulation field%: 25~120
  • Power Consumption Nominal / Cool. (kW): 9,29
  • EER: 2,78
  • EER (18/23°C): 3,66
  • ESEER: 3,85
  • COP: 2,76
  • COP (35/30°C): 3,51
  • Sound pressure level at 1 meter (dbA): 63,7
  • Sound Power Level Cool. (nom) (dbA): 80
  • Compressor: type: Compressor Scroll, hermetic Inverter
  • Compressor: number: 1
  • Compressor: type: Compressor Scroll hermetic on/off
  • Compressor: number: 1
  • Number of refrigerant circuits(num.): 2
  • Fans (num.): 4
  • Nominal air flow(m3/h): 20400
  • Gas Refrigerant: R-407C
  • Power supply (V/Hz/Ph): 400/50/3
  • Hydraulic connections (inches): 2
  • Nominal water flow heat exchanger (liters / sec): 1,2
  • Scope of nominal load unit (kPa): 92
More Information
Dimensions (LxHxD mm) 1371x1684x774
Weight (Kg) 317
Power supply Tensione/Freq. 400/50
Supply Three-Phase
Refrigerant Gas R410A

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