Air Purifier Ururu Daikin MCK75J

Air purifier Ururu Daikin MCK75J, your solution to the problem of indoor air pollution, for rooms up to 46 m2, with an air flow rate up to 450 m3/h. VAT included.

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Air Purifier Ururu Daikin MCK75J, ideal to humidify the air in home environments, provide protection from respiratory problems and chapped skin. Bring the rate of moisture between 40 and 60% àimportant as it generates a drastic reduction of viruses, bacteria, mites, dust and odors, making environments even morè livable and healthy.

To get started simply fill the tank 4l supplied and PurifierDaikin MCK75J will be able of humidifying the surrounding environment to a capacity maximum of 600 ml/h, thanks also tointroduction of a tank to contain water from the innovative design and thin, combined with a water wheel and a filter assembly of vaporization.

Suitable for rooms up to 46 m2, with a flowair up to 450 m3/h.


  • The catechin pre-filter captures large dust particles and pet dander;
  • The plasma ionizer positively charged particles of dust and pollen, thus removed from the negatively charged electrostatic dust filter;
  • The Flash Streamerdecomposes chemical substances such as odors and formaldehyde into harmless by-products;
  • The Flash Streameralso promotes a photocatalytic reaction on the surface of titanium and apatite photocatalytic filter that eliminates bacteria and viruses;
  • The deodorizing catalyst decomposes odors


The water flows from the tank to the bowl where the ionizer shall purify it. The impeller, with a rotary motion, draws from the tank the quantity of water necessary for the humidification filter. The air, previously purified, flows through the filter which absorbs theàmoisturebefore regarding the room to humidify.

  1. The impeller raises the water from the receiver compartment;
  2. The air is blown onto the filter;
  3. The humid air is released into the premises


  • Supply: Ph-Hz-V 1~/220-240/220-230V/50/60Hz
  • Dimensions (A x L x P): mm 590x395x268
  • Weight: Kg 11
  • Air filter: polypropylene net with catechin
  • Deodorization method: Flash streamer / Titanium apatite photocatalytic filter / catalyst deodorising
  • Dust suppression method: Plasma ionize/electrostatic filter
  • Mode air purification: Turbo, High, Medium, Low, Silent
  • Power Consumption: kW 0, 081 (turbo) 0, 035 ( High) 0, 018 (Medium) 0, 011 (Low) 0, 008 (Silent)
  • Airflow: m3/h 450 (turbo) 330 (High) 240 (Medium)) 150 (Low) 120 (Silent)
  • Sound pressure level: dB(A) 50 (turbo) 43 (High) 36 (Medium)) 26 (Low) 17 (Silent)
  • Modalità umidificazione aria: Turbo, High, Medium), Low, Silenziosa
  • Power Consumption: kW 0, 084 (turbo) 0, 037 (High) 0, 020 (Medium)) 0, 013 (Low) 0, 012 (Silent)
  • Airflow: m3/h 450 (turbo) 330 (alta) 240 (Medium)) 150 (Low) 120 (Silent)
  • Sound pressure level: dB(A) 50 (turbo) 43 (High) 36 (Medium)) 26 (Low) 23 (Silent)
  • Umidificazione: ml/h 600 (turbo) 470 (High) 370 (Medium)) 290 (Low) 240 (Silent)
  • capacity water tank: l 4
  • Color: Black (color panel: silver)
  • Accessories: filter àpleatedà KAC998 and filter for humidification KNME998

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More Information
Dimensions (LxHxD mm) 395x590x268
Weight (Kg) 11
Power supply Tensione/Freq. 220-240/50
Supply Single-Phase

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