1-way Cassette Indoor Unit Daikin FCQHG125F

1-way cassette indoor unit Daikin FCQHG125F, with presence sensor and temperature infrared sensor (optional) and self-cleaning panel, it ensures a more comfortable environment and a considerable reduction of energy consumption. VAT included.

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Cassette indoor unit Daikin FCQHG125F.

Main features:

  • Seasonal efficiency, optimized for all seasons
  • The seasonal efficiency shows the degree of efficiency of an air conditioner that works in of an entire season of cooling or heating
  • Cassette Round Flow to high values of COP: provides superior performance
  • The cassettes Round Flow provide an environment more comfortable and enable owners of restaurants, offices and shops to significantly reduce energy consumption
  • the exclusive supply to360° allows a uniform distribution of temperature and air flow
  • The optional presence sensor and infrared temperature (BRYQ140A), adjusts the setpoint di 22°C if it is not detected the presence of people in the room. The flow of air is automatically oriented away from the occupants to avoid the formation of currents. It also detects the average temperature of the floor and ensures a uniform temperature distribution between ceiling and floor.
  • Control of individual deflectors: possibility easy to close one or moredeflectors via wired remote control (BRC1E52), in case you want to renew the air in the environment
  • Modern style decoration panel
  • Self-cleaning panel (BYCQ140DG):
    • Daikin introduces the first self-cleaning boxes on the European market
    • High efficiency and comfort thanks to daily auto cleaning of the filter
    • Reduced maintenance costs thanks to auto cleaning
    • Easy removal of dust with a vacuum cleaner without opening l unit
  • It is not any optional adapter required for connection DIII

Warning: outdoor motor not included. Click here for instructions on how to configure your complete system.

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Plant Monosplit with:

For this indoor unit only monosplit configurations are possible.

More Information
Dimensions (LxHxD mm) 840x288x840
Weight (Kg) 26
Power supply Tensione/Freq. 220-240/50
Refrigerant Gas R410A
Sound pressure level (dB) 45
Sound Power (dB) 61
Color White
BTU 44000

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